OMG Aftermarket strengthens its identity with a new logo

2020 is a year of important investments in the Aftermarket sector for the OMG Group.

The company based in Italy, founded in 1949 by the Giordano family, who today, together with the Collodoro and Spezzati families, leads the company, has implemented a series of investments in the Aftermarket area, in order to strengthen the identity and reputation of the historical brand among distributors and spare parts dealers all over the world.
New logistics poles, automated warehouses, a new team in the R&D, Production and Sales fields, a new website, a new catalogue, an expansion of the product range, to maximise OMG’s presence in the Aftermarket world

OMG Aftermarket new logo

The new strategy, divided into various synergistic and complementary activities, provides for the creation of a new dedicated OMG Aftermarketbrand that reflects the nature of a historic company in continuous renewal, an undisputed presence on the linkage and suspension market.
OMG Aftermarket, a private label supplier of the main European players, now presents itself on the market with a new logo that represents renewal, identity, dynamism, strength and trust: positive values that define the new OMG Aftermarket.

The identity of the brand, the three rhombi that have always identified OMG, have been deliberately kept in order to demonstrate continuity and appreciation for the history of a company that has been in business for more than 70 years, and whose colours and symbols identify a part of the history of spare parts.

The new generations and the need for renewal also require an improved image and brand.

The phoenix fully represents the new OMG Aftermarket, which is reborn with a new image and a new energy, ready to meet the demands of the market and be recognised once again as a manufacturer of premium quality steering arms and components.

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