OMG produces single use surgical masks in accordance with EN 14983:2019_ UNI and EN ISO 10993-1:2010.

Manufacturer authorised by the Ministry of Health (BD/RDM 1982585), produces and makes available to staff and customers the mask made with fabric and elastic for a better fit. Can be used by the general public (not for medical or professional use, without CE mark).
In accordance with EN 14983:2019_ UNI and EN ISO 10993-1:2010.

Single use masks: out of a sense of solidarity

OMG immediately set up a line dedicated to the production of masks in the Polish factory, to make the personal protective equipment available first of all to OMG employees.
At a later stage, we requested the certification of the equipment, so that we can now make available single use masks, certified by the Ministry of Health, to our customers and suppliers.

Today we are able to produce approx. 5,000 masks per day with the possibility of implementing production lines.
Thanks to the flexibility of our production lines in Italy and Poland, we have made our small contribution, in a time of global emergency.

All the staff felt involved and engaged in the processing phase of the product, with a great sense of solidarity for those who were hit the hardest.

Once again, OMG has shown that it knows how to react in times of emergency with promptness and flexibility, responding to what is needed in a timely and efficient manner.

The production of masks is not a business interest for the company but rather represents our awareness and concern in collaborating and contributing in emergency situations.

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